In Memoriam Heinz Reichl

Heinz Reichl (1943 -2020)

Sunday, 22nd November 2020

In Memoriam Heinz Reichl

Heinz Reichl, age 76, husband of headmistress Hilda Ibba, architect and the co-founder of UgandaKids passed away on Tuesday, 17th of November after a long serious illness.

We have lost a friend who has had a strong influence on the development of the UgandaKids school project.

With his practical approach he was always there when new infrastructure needed to be planned or built.

He worked as an architect for over 30 years in many projects in Africa; with this experience he had the ability to create the best with smaller funds, which was enormous value for UgandaKids.

The construction of the school infrastructure, the teachers’ accommodations, and the boarding school was his creation. Without his detailed knowledge in many technical areas, the water supply and the solar system would not be there without his continuous efforts.

He told unforgettable stories about his life and experience in Africa, yet Uganda was the place he loved.

His knowledge about this continent was immense and his stories will not be forgotten, and we will remember them for a long time leaving a smile in our faces.

We will continue his work as he would have wished.

Graduating Class is Back!

Primary 7 back in class

Saturday, 7st November 2020

Graduate Class Is Being Taught Again

English text coming soon…

School Start Delayed Again

Additional washing and disinfection measures have been taken

Monday, 21st September 2020

School Start Delayed Again

Just a few days ago the re-opening of the schools was planned for this Monday.  Now it has been delayed to 15th of October. At least the final year pupils have got a concrete starting date now. When the teaching can commence for all the other pupils is still uncertain. Due to the fact that there is a strict curfew order out, the situation for people in Adjumani is getting more and more difficult. Ugandakids is continuously paying the wages of the employees. There are many family members who rely on the support of their income. Besides we are showing our solidarity towards our long-term employees and are grateful to count on them once the school can be re-opened. Ugandakids is supporting pupils and their families in need with food and other necessities. Even though the teaching cannot take place at the moment, the running costs are higher than usual. This is mainly due to rising food prices. Once the school is up and running again we want to welcome all our pupils back in healthy conditions.

Because of “Corona”. All Schools have been Shut Down

The school grounds are deserted. Only the security guards are left

Sunday, 22nd March 2020

Because of “Corona”: All Schools have been Shut Down

Since Friday the Ugandan government has shut down the schools in the whole country in order to avoid the spread of the new Corona virus.

Unfortunately this infectious disease is also effecting parts of the world with the least possibilities to fight against it. The pupils received homework quickly prepared by the teachers. Also the locust plague is only 5 kilometres away from Adjumani now, and will cause aditional harm. Food prices have multiplied over the last few days. Ugandakids therefore passes on food rations to families in need. The school now needs more security guards. The urgency of social distancing has been explained to everyone at the school. People in Uganda are aware of the fact that this crisis effects everyone in the world, but they are additionally concerned that they will be forgotten. We in Europe are equally concerned about the kids, youth, former pupils and employees in Uganda. We will keep in touch!

Reconstruction of the Outdoor Facilities

Workers preparing the terracing of the compound

Sunday, 13th October 2019

Reconstruction of the Outdoor Facilities

In the last thirteen years the number of pupils has risen from 35 to over 650. All of them play outside in their breaks. The once green areas are now bare grounds. As the plot is partly sloping, strong rainfalls have caused erosion of the grounds. Not only are the roots of the trees affected, but also the foundations of the buildings are completely exposed.

UgandaKids has therefore decided to solve this problem by terracing the grounds. Work has begun a few weeks ago and will last until the end of this year. During the big holiday season grass seeds will be sown on the newly built terraces therefore the soil cannot be washed away any longer


The Scholarship Programm will be Extended

Left: Cathrine, nursing student in Gulu. Right: Kevin, nursery teacher student in Kampala

Sunday, 19th May 2019

The Scholarship Program will be Extended

Since 2014 Ugandakids has been giving scholarships to those pupils who want to continue their education but cannot receive financial support from other sources. So far the scholarship program was designated for secondary school education. At the end of this year the first pupils will complete their A-Levels.

Two young ladies now have different plans. They want to train in nursing and as a nursery teacher. Both are orphans, show an excellent performance at school and cannot receive any other funding. Therefore UgandaKids has decided to support them for their professional training. Besides qualified nurses and nursery teachers are strongly needed in Uganda.

All the best of success to you both!