UgandaKids e.V. is a non profit organisation – confessionally and politically independent.
We have made it our challenge to support vulnerable children in Uganda to open up opportunities for their own future with their own aims.

The Team in Adjumani

From the beginning their were two people in Adjumani, who were determined to carry out some development work in the region and they did everything to set the stone rolling to realise this project. Also setting up a team.  

Hilda Ibba-Reichl is from Uganda and the founder of UgandaKids in Adjumani. She made the necessary connection with the local government and settled all the requirements on site. Hilda deals with all administrative requirements, finds staff, purchases all materials, furniture and school uniforms, etc. and apart from many other organisational jobs, she is the first contact person for the families of the children. She has taken on the roll of the school director and informs us per email and telephone of new developments at the school, she also emails us fotos of latest developments.

Heinz Reichl, Austrian architect, was married to Hilda and had lived in Africa for more than 40 years. They have two children, Peter and Mark. Heinz was planning and initiating all necessary renovation and construction work on site, including costings, etc.

Heinz passed away on the 17th of November 2020 after a long serious sickness.

We will continue his work as he would have wished.

Hilda initially searched for and found capable employees. The two leaders of the Nursery as well as the Primary School have been with UgandaKids since the first day.

Grace Mureo

Head of Nursery School

John Bosco Baru

Head of Primary School

Teachers at the Ugandakids nursery and primary school in October 2016.

Further 20 staff responsible for cooking, cleaning, nursing and security on site.

The following people have also helped greatly in setting up the school project:

Laurence Akuti

Vet, Parents Speaker on the Board of Governors 

Samuel Lagu

Town Clerk of Adjumani Town