UgandaKids e.V. is a non profit organisation – confessionally and politically independent.
We have made it our challenge to support vulnerable children in Uganda to open up opportunities for their own future with their own aims.

The School and the Kids

The children who are supported by UgandaKids are mainly from families which cannot send their children to school due to poverty, some are orphans who have lost one or both parents during the civil war, through Aids or Malaria. These children usually live with some relatives where they receive some basic food and have to help to support the family. Education as a means to improve the living condition is mostly not affordable and often not seen as necessary. UgandaKids teaches children things about hygiene, social behaviour, conflict solution without violence, etc., of course other subjects such as English, maths or geography are also taught. Education is the key to escape poverty and violence.

To go to school, learn a profession, open a business, employ people or to study – these are the prospects!