UgandaKids e.V. is a non profit organisation – confessionally and politically independent.
We have made it our challenge to support vulnerable children in Uganda to open up opportunities for their own future with their own aims.

The Budget

Construction and Equipment Costs

Between December 2006 up to now UgandaKids invested around 500.000 € in the infrastructure. Today the school has ten class rooms, for 60 pupils per class. Furthermore a kitchen and a dining hall has been erected. The school construction has been completed with several latrines, teacher accommodations and dormitories for the pupils in boarding school, a building for administration with teacher offices and an office for the school management. In 2011 a bore hole and a photovoltaic system have been installed. Furniture and necessary equipment for the class rooms as well as scholastic materials and school uniforms were purchased. Construction and furnishing of the boarding school as well as a laundry and another bore hole had also to be paid. In 2016 the constraction of two teacher accomodation houses with eight flats was finished. This helps UgandaKids to recruit skilled teaching staff from outside the district. The new libary and infirmary building is in use since April 2022.

This year the financing of the the new training workshops is Top 1 on the agenda.

 We look forward to your support!

Monthly Running Costs (January 2024)

Costs of Staff (a director, 6 teachers for the nursery, 15 primary teachers, 4 cooks, 1 nurse, 1 handy man, 3 general helpers, 2 cleaners, 3 gardeners, 1 general care taker, 2 watch men; 2 matrons in boarding section;  the wages are based on the average income)

5.500 €

Costs for Food (corn, rice, beans, meat, fish, vegetables, sugar, porridge, tea, pasta, oil, flour; breakfast and lunch for 700 people daily during term time)

3.200 €

Other Costs (cleaning materials, fire wood, coal, medical supply, school uniforms, paper and books, maintenance, repairs, communication costs, transportation, etc. )

1.900 €


 1950 €

Total Monthly Costs

12.550 €

Administration Costs

Since the beginning of 2011 all advertising and administration costs will be covered privately by the expanded members of the board. Therefore there are none of the costs are being covered with donations. 

This means that 100% of your donations are for the children at the school.