UgandaKids e.V. is a non profit organisation – confessionally and politically independent.
We have made it our challenge to support vulnerable children in Uganda to open up opportunities for their own future with their own aims.

The Scholarship Program

Scholars are learning at St. Mary Asumpta Secondary School in Pakele (here together with Hilda)

Support does not stop after primary school. UgandaKids is offering scholarships to those pupils who cannot obtain any other form of funding in order to continue their educational path.
Their are the following criteria for receiving a scholarship – need for financial support, personality and school grades. These are constantly reviewed.
Currently there are 23 girls and 9 boys enrolled in a secondary school. Five young ladies are being trained as nursery teachers, nurse and secondary teacher and agriculture engineers; one young man is studying ICT. UgandaKids continues to support the pupils until they reach the next level of education. So far all our scholarship holders are amongst the most successful pupils of their year. These scholarship programs amount to approximately 23.400 Euro per year. UgandaKids offers scholarships only if the mentioned period can be guaranteed.