UgandaKids e.V. -  ein gemeinnütziger Verein - konfessionell und politisch unabhängig.
Er stellt sich die Aufgabe, notleidenden Kindern in Nord-Uganda die Chance für eine eigene Zukunft mit eigenen Zielen zu geben.

We are open and transparent

Although there are no official publication requirements for non-profit organizations in Germany, we still believe that we should be as transparent as possible for you.

You will therefore find all relevant information about the structure and finances of UgandaKids on this page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Name, registered office, address and year of foundation

Uganda Kids e.V.

Johann-Clanze-Straße 51
81369 München
Tel: 01575 – 9461815

Founded in Munich in 2006, association register Munich VR 200491

Authorized chairmen: Sabine Ritter, Christian Lojdl, Iris Luchner

Contact person: Christian Lojdl,


Statutes and information on the goals of UgandaKids

The current statutes of UgandaKids e.V. can be found here (in German).

UgandaKids e.V. was founded in Munich in 2006 by the lawyer Sabine Ritter and six other people. The non-profit organisation is religiously and politically independent.

The partner in Uganda is the CBO (Community Based Organization) UgandaKids in Adjumani/Northern Uganda. Registration for the current year can be found here. It is led by Hilda Ibba, who is Ugandan and was born and raised there. Together with her team, she ensures that the donations flow directly and without detours to the maintenance and expansion of the school as well as the scholarship program and other projects of the association.

UgandaKids e.V. consciously wants to give local people the opportunity to develop and implement their own ideas and concepts. Therefore, any measure that further solidifies the existing dichotomy of development cooperation into “rescuers” and “victims” will be avoided. For this reason, UgandaKids e.V. does not offer sponsorships for individual children nor the sending of volunteers from abroad. You can find out more about our critical stance on sponsorships and voluntary services here. You can find our mission statement here.


Information on tax relief

The UgandaKids e.V. (tax number 143/223/20907) according to the notice of exemption from the Munich tax office dated 21 July 2023 is considered tax free, due to the promotion of public health and education, as well as the promotion of education and vocational training, including student assistance recognized as serving charitable purposes and exempt from corporation tax in accordance with Section 5 Paragraph 1 No. 9 of the Corporation Tax Act and from trade tax in accordance with Section 3 No. 6 of the Trade Tax Act and entitled to issue tax-effective donation receipts.

You can find the current exemption notice here (in German).


Name and function of key decision makers

Chairwoman: Sabine Ritter, Munich

Deputy Chairman and Treasurer: Christian Lojdl, Ellingen

Deputy chairwoman and secretary: Iris Luchner; Kufstein

Working on the board: Etta Neidlein, Edeltraud Schlipf, Roman Neidlein

All three board members represent the association individually, both internally and externally.


Activity reports

The activities in Europe and Uganda can be found in the annual and financial reports from previous years (in German).



The board and all club members work on a voluntary basis. Necessary administrative and advertising costs (such as: software, postage costs, printing costs, advertising materials, etc.) are paid privately by the board and the persons working on the board and are not financed through donations. To date, UgandaKids has not reimbursed any expenses.

The Ugandan employees in Adjumani receive local salaries.


Information on the source and use of funds

  • A detailed list of the sources of the e.V. funds and their use in Uganda can be found in the most recent annual report 2023 (in German).
  • The organization EEF (Equal Education Fund), which is based in Bern/Switzerland, has been supporting the school directly since 2014.
  • Small income is generated locally through donations/fees and by renting out the Ugandakids owned vehicle and the sports field.


Corporate law connection with third parties

There are no contractual relationships with third parties that have influence on decisions made by UgandaKids e.V. or UgandaKids on site.


List of people or institutions whose donations were higher than 10%

UgandaKids e.V. has not received any donations that were higher than 10% of its annual income in the past ten years.


Why we do not use the DZI seal (or others)

UgandaKids e.V., like many other renowned organizations, has decided to forego the donation seal of the “German Central Institute for Social Issues” (DZI) foundation, because this donation seal is not available for free. The initial application costs €1,500 plus 0.035% of the donation amount. The follow-up costs amount to at least €500 per year. You don’t get the donation seal, you have to buy it. The DZI itself recommends that smaller organizations do not apply for a donation seal, as they are usually active regionally and known locally and are also checked by the tax offices.

As a registered association, we comply with all legal (and other, as here, voluntary) obligations. All information about our work and structure is public and visible. We publish our annual reports online. In addition, we prepare an annual report, which is mandatory for associations and which is also sent to the tax authorities as a condition for the regularly renewed exemption notices. The Munich District Court also regularly receives the information necessary for clubs and, if necessary, is informed promptly about changes to the board.

We believe that we can show our transparency and good work even without “awards”. It is an honor and obligation for us that so many people, companies and organizations place their trust in us.