Feni is already in P2 this year

Sunday, 19th February 2023

Registration For 2023 Completed

Before the start of the new school year there is always a lot to organize. Enrolling the new students is an important part of this. At the turn of the year, Hilda always has a lot of inquiries. Not every request can be granted. Before the enrollment can be completed Hilda often visits the foster families of the children. These visits are extremely important. Not only that the expectations of the foster parents’ can be discussed, but also those of the school towards the foster parents. In particular, she points out that the future UgandaKids must be given enough time to study after school and during the holidays.
These tasks were completed just before the new school year has started a few days ago. New UgandaKids have joined. The vacancies of last year’s candidates, who were so successful, are filled from below.