Scholar Liberty Lindrio in the field

Sunday 4th September 2022

Scholarship Program Expanded to 38 Scholarship Holders in just 8 Years

In 2014 four young women and one young man were the pioneers to receive scholarships from UgandaKids to continue their education. Eight years later, there are 38 “former students” who receive this support.
Therefore: 5 + 8 = 38!
Wrong math’s aside, the scholarship program is a success story that UgandaKids will continue to write. This special incentive is initially given up to intermediate educational qualification.

It takes four years to complete secondary school in Uganda, the so-called O-Level (Ordinary Level). Some leave school with this qualification and start vocational training. Others continue with graduate school to finish with A-Levels (Advanced Level) after additional two years in secondary school. The exams at the end can be compared to our Abitur and are really tough.
There are currently 32 “former students” at three different secondary schools in the district who receive this financial support. Many more have been able to continue their education through other external support systems.
These four mentioned pioneer ladies have all graduated from high school and are now on university courses to become administrators and secondary school teachers. Two pupils have decided to study agriculture in different fields of study. One young man studies information technology. Two have gone to become nurses and nanny after completing their O-levels.

The vast majority of those receiving funding are young women. So far there have only been eight men in the scholarship program. It seems that the girls are more goal-oriented, even already at elementary school level. In addition, boys with very good primary school qualifications are more likely to receive support from outside more easily.

In 2011 the first pupils left UgandaKids many of whom are already working in various professions. We are keeping in touch with many of them. When the opportunity arises, they often come to visit their old school. They talk to their followers about their own success stories and never miss the opportunity to bring some small gifts with them.