Even after a two-year break, the day begins with the usual morning assembly

Monday, 10th January 2022

They Are Back!

As of today, all schools in Uganda have resumed operations. Almost half of the Ugandan population goes to school, so the challenges are enormous. The closure lasted almost two years, making it one of the longest in the world. UgandaKids has been preparing for the opening for a long time. Not only the procedures prescribed by the government had to be implemented. Mask on, keep your distance, disinfect hands applies to all schools. Likewise, the use of rapid tests was banned. These are not available in sufficient quantities and therefore many families cannot afford them.

To ensure that the children are not prevented from attending school, their use was immediately prohibited.

There is now a four-week test phase for all the students. Everyone is starting in the grade they were in when teaching stopped in March 2020. After that the children will be newly assessed. This procedure has been agreed with the parents’ representatives and appears necessary because the children didn’t have the same opportunities to learn. Their way of being able to learn and repeat their studies varied greatly during the lockdown period.

Hilda and the teachers are currently particularly challenged. But everyone is happy that it has finally starting again.