38° Celsius – and threee hours Maths exams

Saturday, 3rd April 2021

Final Exams Done – More Face-to-Face Teaching Again

We used to see them sitting at their desks on their own at the end of October: our candidates for the PLE, the Primary Leaving Exams. But Corona caused a delay here too. So these exams, which are so important for their further development, took place last week. As always, the tasks were the same across the country and so four subjects were taken in written exams in two days: math, science, English and social studies. Because of the masks and the much hotter climate, it was a particular challenge this time. Nevertheless, we are confident that we will experience the best results in a few weeks. In Uganda, good grades not only make you proud; they also make scholarships possible, which ensures help for further training.

Just yesterday we received the great news that from next week onwards classes four to seven can be taught in the classroom again. The situation is improving!