Additional washing and disinfection measures have been taken

Monday, 21st September 2020

School Start Delayed Again

Just a few days ago the re-opening of the schools was planned for this Monday.  Now it has been delayed to 15th of October. At least the final year pupils have got a concrete starting date now. When the teaching can commence for all the other pupils is still uncertain. Due to the fact that there is a strict curfew order out, the situation for people in Adjumani is getting more and more difficult. Ugandakids is continuously paying the wages of the employees. There are many family members who rely on the support of their income. Besides we are showing our solidarity towards our long-term employees and are grateful to count on them once the school can be re-opened. Ugandakids is supporting pupils and their families in need with food and other necessities. Even though the teaching cannot take place at the moment, the running costs are higher than usual. This is mainly due to rising food prices. Once the school is up and running again we want to welcome all our pupils back in healthy conditions.