The school grounds are deserted. Only the security guards are left

Sunday, 22nd March 2020

Because of “Corona”: All Schools have been Shut Down

Since Friday the Ugandan government has shut down the schools in the whole country in order to avoid the spread of the new Corona virus.

Unfortunately this infectious disease is also effecting parts of the world with the least possibilities to fight against it. The pupils received homework quickly prepared by the teachers. Also the locust plague is only 5 kilometres away from Adjumani now, and will cause aditional harm. Food prices have multiplied over the last few days. Ugandakids therefore passes on food rations to families in need. The school now needs more security guards. The urgency of social distancing has been explained to everyone at the school. People in Uganda are aware of the fact that this crisis effects everyone in the world, but they are additionally concerned that they will be forgotten. We in Europe are equally concerned about the kids, youth, former pupils and employees in Uganda. We will keep in touch!