Hilda with her two most important working tools: the mobile phone and the car

Saturday, 14th July 2018

Everything Running Smoothly

The outer circumstances are getting more and more difficult in Uganda, yet at the school everything is quiet and peaceful in the middle of the year.

Three teachers left the school and have already been replaced. The positive reputation of the school and the new teachers’ accommodation has surely contributed towards this.

A few weeks ago a visit of two tax collectors has surprised us a lot. “The school should pay taxes!” Hilda strongly objected and explained that UgandaKids is a non-profit organization obviously without profits, working hard to financially support children who would otherwise not be able to attend school. She explained that UgandaKids is happy to support the government by educating Uganda’s children, but would not be prepared to pay a cent of the European funds to the government. The current situation is that she needs a confirmation from the district administration and then to apply for a tax exemption in Kampala.

Another tax shall be introduced on phone calls and for sending money via mobile phone. Mobile phones are intensely used for “mobile money” transfers in Uganda, thus resulting in strong protests.

We will keep you posted here and on facebook about further developments.