By now there are 17 scholarship holders from Pakelle together with some of their fellow pupils

Sunday, 15st October 2017

The First Four Scholarship Holders are just about to Complete their Secondary Education

In 2014 Ugandakids started a scholarship program. The first four young women will be writing their interim examinations – the O-Levels in the few days. The completion of this qualification compares to the intermediate secondary school certificate in Germany, it is the same in the whole country and comprises of eight to ten different examinations.

After completing their primary school qualification in 2013 the four girls continued their education at St. Marys Assumpta Secondary School in Pakelle. Pakelle is approximately a 15 minute drive from Adjumani, therefore Ugandakids and the teachers can stay in close contact with them to follow their progress. All four belong to the best of their school year. Ugandakids has agreed to support them financially through the scholarship program for the next two years until they reach A-Level qualifications.