Heinz Reichl (1943 -2020)

Sunday, 22nd November 2020

In Memoriam Heinz Reichl

Heinz Reichl, age 76, husband of headmistress Hilda Ibba, architect and the co-founder of UgandaKids passed away on Tuesday, 17th of November after a long serious illness.

We have lost a friend who has had a strong influence on the development of the UgandaKids school project.

With his practical approach he was always there when new infrastructure needed to be planned or built.

He worked as an architect for over 30 years in many projects in Africa; with this experience he had the ability to create the best with smaller funds, which was enormous value for UgandaKids.

The construction of the school infrastructure, the teachers’ accommodations, and the boarding school was his creation. Without his detailed knowledge in many technical areas, the water supply and the solar system would not be there without his continuous efforts.

He told unforgettable stories about his life and experience in Africa, yet Uganda was the place he loved.

His knowledge about this continent was immense and his stories will not be forgotten, and we will remember them for a long time leaving a smile in our faces.

We will continue his work as he would have wished.